Free Bitcoins

Want to earn some free bitcoins

Below are a list of sites I am using to earn free bitcoins

Don't be fooled by the sites, they promise a fortune, you wont earn a fortune, you will earn a small amount regularly, you can build this up over time in your spare time, I am spending about an hour a day and even then not a dedicated hour, click wait collect.

Don't deposit any cash everything I have earned has been one way (them to me) if they ask for bitcoin deposits be very careful and at your own risk.

This one pays for clicking links, had one pay out so far, just tested with minimum, would suggest you build up more than minimum as fees almost wipe out everything you have earned.
BT clicks - Link

This is the same pays for clicking ads, I have not had a payment yet, will let you know when I do.
Bits for clicks - Link

This one looks great it just counts up even if you are not online, register and I have calculated you can withdraw in 10 days 0.005 BTC, its easy and free, I will let you know in 10 days if I have had a pay out.
Bit Miner - Link

This is a faucet and pays every 10 mins between 1000 and 3000 satoshi I have a pending payment and I will let you know when this goes through, ok so far had no payments but I have 3 pending, will let you know if they pay in next week or I will remove link.
Earn Free Bitcoin - Link

Another faucet, pays out every Sunday if you have hit the minimum, first week I hit double the minimum and its in my bitcoin wallet
Moon Bitcoin - Link

I have not had a pay-out from this one yet but you can have some fun if you like to gamble.
FreeBitCoin - Link

Share your links in the comments and let me know if they pay out, if they are any good I will use your links.