Sunday, 17 February 2013

More Horse Jokes

Told my mate I had a hot date with an Italian Stallion - sounds a lot better than saying I'm sitting at home eating a Findus lasagne for one

Findus lasagne contains horse meat. I'd check the spaghetti bologneighs as well. 

Food scandal for vegetarians: radish found to be up to 100% horseradish

Findus fish fingers test positive for 60% seahorse.

They've only just discovered the horsemeat in lasagnes because the cheese on top was mascarpone

BBC: When asked how many years Findus have been adding horse meat to their products their MD struck the ground 6 times with his front hoof.
Put my Findus Lasagne into microwave. I took it out after 3 minutes & it still wasn't finished. I said, "I've backed you before haven't I?"

More proof that cheap food is bad for horses!

Let’s look on the brightside. At least you won’t get Mad Cow’s Disease from eating Findus Lasagne

Young pony to old mare: “Where do we go when we die Mummy?” Old Mare: “To a far-away land called Tesco. That’s where you’ll Findus

Findus Crispy Pancakes don't actually have pans in them
A survey was held by Findus which shows 85% of people don't mind horse meat in lasagne. It was a gallop poll!

Friend of mine became withdrawn and antisocial after eating Findus lasagna. Turns out he has ass burgers syndrome.
Dont see the problem with the horsemeat scandal. My son always eats findus lasagne and on his sports day he won the 100 metres by 6 lengths
Do I throw out my Findus lasagne's or not? That is the equestrian