Monday, 11 November 2013

Top Ten ways to tell your car sucks

10...People behind you change lanes to keep your oil off their wind-shield 

9...Tractor trailer drivers are afraid to pass you. 

8...Opening your trunk includes finding a screwdriver. 

7...Your driveway looks like an oil slick and the EPA cites you for it. 

6...Your friends would rather walk or ride a bus to school or work than ride in it. 

5...The motor is so loud you cant hear a dump-truck crash through a nitroglycerin factory. 

4...You have ever had to leave it running for fear it might not start back up. 

3...You have ever been chased down by a firetruck. 

2...You refer to your car as beast, P.O.S. junker, or hooptee. 

1...You have ever parked on the side of the road and someone stops and asks you if you are injured.