Friday, 9 August 2013

Funny Bumper Stickers - Page 4

0-60 in 15 minutes!

Love for all, Hatred for none

Avoid Hangovers; Stay Drunk

I WANT YOU to stay far away from me

I'm so hungry I am farting fresh air.

If It Ain't Broken... Fix It ‘Til It Is

Save on gas, go fart in a jar.

Everything is possible just not too probable.

I Used To Be Indecisive. Now I’m Not Sure

The gene pool could use a little chlorine.'s what's for dinner.

Be the kind of friend you'd want.

Yes, As A Matter Of Fact, I Do Own The Whole Damn Road!

S.O.B.E.R. - Sick Of Banning Everyone's Rights

Quiet brain! or I'll poke you with another Q-tip.

I've lost my phone number - can I have yours?

I have no desire for money. Its stuff that i want.

Elvis Is Dead And I’m Not Feeling Too Good Myself

I talk to strangers

We are Microsoft. Resistance Is Futile. You Will Be Assimilated.

Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else get your way.

Remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.


Save the whales! Trade them for valuable prizes.

If Walking Is So Good For You, Then Why Does My Mailman Look Like Jabba The Hut? 

Dewey,Skrewem, & Howe (attorneys at law)

Very Funny, Scotty. Now Beam Up My Clothes.