Saturday, 20 April 2013

True Facts - Page 4

The State of Florida is bigger than England.

82% of Americans made a purchase at Wal-Mart in 2002.

American made parts account for only 1% of the Chrysler Crossfire. 96% of the Ford F-150 Heritage Truck is American.

In February 2004, a Disney World employee was killed when he fell from a parade float and was trapped between two float sections. OSHA termed this a serious workplace violation, but Disney was fined only $6,300.

Actor Bill Murray doesn't have a publicist or an agent.

Motorists travelling outside Salem, Oregon saw one of the "litter cleanup" signs crediting the American Nazi party. Marion County officials had no choice but to let that group into the adopt-a-road program. The $500 per sign was picked up by Oregon taxpayers. The Ku Klux Klan is also involved in the adopt-a-road program in the state of Arkansas.

A Boeing 767 airliner is made of 3,100,000 separate parts.

The microwave oven was invented by mistake when an engineer testing a magnetron tube noticed that the radiation from it melted the chocolate bar he had in his pocket.

In all three Godfather films, when you see oranges, there is a death (or a very close call) coming up soon.

There is an average of 18,000,000 items for sale at any time on EBay.

One third of the land in the United States is owned by the government.

Gerald Ford once worked as a cover model for Cosmopolitan magazine.

Between 1942 and 1944, Academy Awards were made of plaster.

Dolly Parton once lost a Dolly Parton Look-Alike contest.

Quebec City, Canada, has about as much street crime as Disney World.

The Spanish word exposé means "wife." The plural, exposés, means "wives," but also "handcuffs."

Thomas Edison, light bulb inventor, was afraid of the dark.

Richard Hatch, winner of the first "Survivor" reality series, has been charged with tax evasion for failing to report his $1,000,000 prize.

Romanian fire-fighters could not get their trucks close enough to a burning building, so they put out the fire by throwing snowballs at it.

In 1920, Babe Ruth out-homered every American League team.

There are over 87,000 Americans on waiting lists for organ transplants.

A toothpick is the object most often choked on by Americans.

In 2003, the Transportation Security Administration dropped a requirement that air marshals pass a marksmanship test. Some applicants were even hired after they repeatedly shot flight attendants in mock hijacking episodes.

There are more plastic flamingos in the United States than real ones.

A Brussels Airlines flight to Vienna was aborted because the pilot was attacked in the cockpit. The attacker was a passenger's cat, who got out of its travel bag.

72% of Americans sign their pets' names on greeting cards they send out.

As part of a charity event, 500 cats were spayed and neutered in the cafeteria of an elementary school. School was cancelled for days and $10,000 was spent on cleaning and sterilizing the room.
More people use blue toothbrushes than red ones.

La Paz, Bolivia has an average annual temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it has never recorded a zero-degree temperature. Same for Stanley, Falkland Islands and Punta Arenas, Chile.

1 pound of lemons contains more sugar than 1 pound of strawberries.