Friday, 5 July 2013

Interesting Facts - Page 7

Charlotte (Lottie) Dod became the youngest player ever to win a Wimbledon singles event when, in 1887, she won at the age of 15 years, 285 days.

Homemakers are banned from hiding dust under a rug in Pennsylvania. Singing in the bathtub is also prohibited. Thankfully, the police don't check.

Tony the Tiger (in a Frosties advert) put 3 goals past legendary goalkeeper Pat Jennings at Wembley in his bare feet. They couldn't get boots to fit.

The last British King who could not speak English was George I. He appeared to not like the British but was King of Great Britain & Ireland 1714-1727.

Scientists have identified 1,000 different chemicals in a cup of coffee. Only 22 have been identified, and of those 17 are carcinogens.

It takes only 8.5 seconds for a manned shuttle to reach space & 2 days to fly to the moon. If possible, it would take 26 days in a Boeing 747.

Magnesium is named after Magnesia, a prefecture in Thessaly, Greece. Other elements named after places include americium, californium and darmstadtium.

January is the month of perihelion, when the Earth is closest to the sun. The day changes from year to year

Popping candy is made by passing pressurised CO2 through a molten candy mix. It then hardens, and when met with saliva, the compacted air 'pops' out.

Using Einstein's mass-energy relation, there are 29 million million million calories in a person. This only holds if all mass is converted into energy.

One does not retain memories from infancy, as the rate of forgetting is much higher than that of adulthood. At 6 months, a baby remembers the last 24hrs.

Since 1950, Academy Award winners have had to sign a document agreeing that they won't sell the statuette before offering it back to the Academy for $1.

Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian from 1931 until his death in 1945. He was influenced by the essays of Richard Wagner in this area. Hitler idolized Wagner.

There are more cows in the world than cars. There's an estimated 1.4 billion cows compared to about 1 billion cars. Cows produce 20% of all methane. 

"Happy Birthday to You" was the first song sung in space. On 8 March 1969, the astronauts on Apollo IX sang it to Christopher Kraft, a NASA director.

Measuring in at 8.89 centimetres, engineering student Tyler Ing set the record for having the longest nipple hair of any known person on the planet.