Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Corporate Speak - Page 2

It Is in Process - So wrapped up in red tape that the situation is almost hopeless.

Let's Get Together on This - I'm assuming you're as confused as I am.

Meeting - A mass meeting by the masterminds where nothing will be fully decided until the next meeting.

Note and Initial - Let's spread the responsibility for this.

Policy - We can hide behind this.

Program - Any assignment that cannot be completed by one telephone call.

See Me - Come down to my office, I'm lonely.

Reliable Source - The person you just met.

Informed Source - The person who told the person you just met.

Unimpeachable Source - The person who started the rumor originally.

Top Priority - It may be idiotic, but the boss wants it.

Under Active Consideration. We're looking in the files for it.

Under Consideration - Never heard of it.

We Are Making a Survey - We need more time to think of an answer.

We Will Look into It - By the time the wheel makes a full turn, we assume you will have forgotten about it too.

Will Advise in Due Course - If we figure it out, well let you know.