Saturday, 15 June 2013

Interesting Facts - Page 5

The oldest, pupose-built cinema in London to have been continuously in use is the Phoenix in North London. It is thought to be the oldest in the UK.

The most expensive necktie was made by Indian designers Satya Paul. It is made from pure silk, white gold and studded diamonds, and costs $21 million.

In 1981 Birds Eye released 'Race Against Time', a scintillating board game where the winner was the first to deliver all their peas to the factory.

"Liberty and Justice For Most" is on the Springfield courthouse seal in "The Simpsons". Mayoral seal has "Mayor of Springfield - Corruptus in Extremus".

The Spice Girls were the first band to appear on the TV channel Five, on 30 March 1997. Julia Bradbury and Tim Vine were the presenters for the launch.

Annual figures for in-flight births worldwide are less than 10 per year. Most airlines prohibit women from travelling in the last month of pregnancy.

'First Footing' occurs on Hogmany, or New Year's Day. To ensure good luck for the house, the 'first foot' through the door should be male and dark.

The Isle of Wight was known as 'Vectis' to the Romans, which over time became corrupted into Wight, because the Latin 'v' is pronounced as 'w'.

The active, male cosmic principle in Chinese dualistic philosophy is called 'yang'. The passive, female cosmic principle is called 'yin'.

Brian May built his guitar with the help of his father. The guitar in question is called the 'Red Special'. He built it in 1963 for a cost of £17.50.

Up to March 2006, 51 artistes or bands had No 1 hits and nothing else. These include Clive Dunn-Grandad, Mr. Oizo-Flat Beat & Joe Dolce-Shaddap You Face.